Tuning Out – UK Tour, 10th – 19th May 2014

A concert series of experimental music around the UK using Pipe Organs, Violin & Cello.

The music will transcend many of the rules of western musical harmony, and free rein will be given to pitches which fall between the cracks of semitones, where natural clusters and warps return to the rich potential source of real sound, creating a vast array of musical colours, timbres and textures.

Almost every aspect of this concert series is out-of-the-ordinary:

  • The project brings over a veteran of experimentation from Australia – Violinist Jon Rose on a rare visit to the UK, who is joined by Hannah Marshall – cello and Veryan Weston – tracker action pipe organ.

  • These three musicians are regarded for their unique skills in improvised and exploratory music.

  • All the venues have one thing in common – Tracker Action Pipe Organs. These are an early kind of mechanical organ with the possibility of making tonal manipulations to produce staggeringly unearthly sounds.

  • The venues themselves are all churches (plus one school chapel) a majority of which are now radically diversifying their activities. None are ‘venues’ in the traditional sense, and yet all offer very beautiful spaces outside of mainstream music networks to experience performance and listen to music.

  • The tour itself is something of an unusual feat of endurance as this trio traverses the country to 7 venues in just 9 days.

All three musicians question the rules of tuning & temperament in their own different ways. Veryan Weston is an acclaimed pianist & long term explorer of underused and ancient instruments.Jon Rose is a rebuilder and rethinker of the instrumental properties of the violin, and has been collaborating with Veryan for the last 10+ years creating recordings and concerts that reinvent possibilities of how instruments can sound, and who use altered tunings as a primary avenue for improvisation. Hannah Marshall’s recent album, Tulse Hill, explores shifting detuned open cello string patterns.

Further Information about Tuning Out:

For tickets, venues, dates and times


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