An interesting response to the Tuning Out Tour

OK….well this is the first attempt at using this site for trying to promote a particular project called :

The Tuning Out Tour

Had a very interesting email from someone who monitors and assesses student voluntary work in projects so as possibly helping promote an event like this in Brighton and who I contacted about this project…..I mentioned that The Brighton Festival were not interested in including us in their late programming and advertising although our event fell in the period of the festival….I could only conclude it was because their own programme was not interested in the kind of music or aesthetic that our music might be seen to represent….so her reply was as follows:

The concert is described as a radical secular contemporary music event that will all take place in churches Please can you elaborate on this? When we talked on the phone last week you let me know that your music was radical and for this reason Brighton refused to advertise your event as part of the festival and that they didn’t want to have anything to do with it.  Active Student needs to make sure that the roles it advertises are in line with its rewarding, safe and supported remit, so it would help if you could e-mail some further details describing the concert and why in particular Brighton refused to advertise your event/list it as part of the festival.

….any suggestions in how I might reply to this?

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